Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Domain names : How to choose?

In these days there are bundles of domain names that simply alive in the internet world. You can see various types of them. Some of them are very easy to be remembered and some of them are so hard! For the most easy like hotmail and yahoo, they must have the ten fold visitors. Why? Their domain names are so easy to spell and to remember.So make a good choice before you are making the domain registration!

Let me give you an example to make it more clear. I'm taking a simple example a company : dexterous technologies. They choose the dexteroustech.com. Wut a name! They tend to make the visitors in wrong spelling and it's hard to remember!

But, when we are talking on how easy the domain names to be remembered....don't make a nasty shot on choosing it. Since I'm telling you that the domain name must be easy, you just pick www.22.com for your jewelry web site. That's out of the mind and you will face a hard time with the searching engine (key word).

Let say you do have a company, a web site and wish to sell jewelries online. Your company is bestquality enterprise. So, instead of use the name bestquality.com,choose the www.best-jewelry.com. That's easy right? Your customer will remember you and in the same time your domain name will work well with the searching engines! So, do you get it? I think you are in the clear position about this issue and I hope it will help lot of people out there!

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