Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Performance and Security : Linux Vs Windows

As I promised in the last article, Now I come with the issue on the performance between Linux and Windows web server. Actually lots of the experts and the newbie keep talking about the flaws between on them...Some of them did say the Windows works better cuz their machine works with windows. LOL!!! Some of them did say the hackers made a success riot in the Linux Web Hosting....

If u r a man minded on security...it's not about which package that you are using at. But, check out for the highly skill from the hosting provider...Are they skilled enough??? That's the most important part.

So, we are moving on the performance. Look, if you are using only PHP web site. In this case you are focusing in only one technology so u be better to use Linux web server... So, that's better cuz normally Linux will focus in one certain technology. But u must check it out whether your package did cover all technologies or emphasizing on one...

If u r working with some shared web server i.e u have the add on domain features...like u do have php, asp.net, vb.net web site n so on....so u must choose the package that cover all of them....So I think u do understand on that right? :)

If u do have some questions just leave them here n i'll give my best shot then...Adios!!!