Monday, August 27, 2007

Criteria on Buying the Web Hosting

well, when we are buying a new web hosting seems to be we are buying a new car for us. Since we want the best hosting service for us so there are some criteria that need to be considered at. for the first of all, list down your very own requirement. Do you need to host many websites in one server? (we call it as add on domain. I did explain in the previous posting!) What is the technology that you want to use at? ASP?, .Net? PHP? or coldfusion?

So check out the web hosting package. Are they covered your requirements? The second part : make a study on the web space and the bandwith. You must make sure how big your files are. Just like a simple example : The total of your files are 5G but the hosting plan just provides 3G for the web space. So you can't make it!

Check the bandwith : if you do have many websites in one sharing web hosting, make sure the bandwith is big enough. If you do have the small one, I suggest you to find the bigger one. It's very important if you do have the tons gold mine traffic or you do target on the large sum of new visitors to your sites.

Thirdly : Check the additional features that they have. It's like unlimited email account, site management features (i.e hotlink protection and IP deny manager), and pre installed scripts.

Fourthly : check their profile on how good they are in the hosting services area. It's very important to know their past background with their customers.Are they too slow on overcome the customers problem? Are they capable enough?

Fifthly : Make many comparison for the web hosting plan with many web hosting company. make sure your money is worth enough for your web hosting service.Well, be a smart user ! :)