Monday, September 3, 2007

What is Linux and Windows Web hosting?

For many newbie, they used to keep a question "what is Linux web hosting?" and "what's Windows web server?". When i was “that baby” I used to search about those 2 issues.. but the result went bad. it was because there were not so many articles that elaborated this issue precisely. The worst part was they just gave the answer based on their very point of view.

After a long searching, at last I got the answer! Well, I won't use the hard approach on the briefing. I know many of the readers are not the IT i 'll use the simple word ever!

Windows web server : It's developed and owned by Microsoft . (it's not free)
Linux web server : It's an open source and generally it's free

Since I did give such a short brief on those servers. So there is a question rise up. “Which kind of server that I should buy at?”

To answer this question I have some questions back. “What kind of technologies that you want to run at?” and “What the databases usage are?” Well, well….if you are intend to use Microsoft product such as ASP, FrontPage, the .NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, Access, MSSQL, or etc (Microsoft family), you need to use a Windows host, probably.

A question rise up again “Is that mean I can’t host my .Net web in the Linux Web server?”

Generally, these technologies are limited in Linux but if they do cover the Microsoft products they could be more expensive than the Windows.

Again “why?”. As I mention on the short briefing, the answer is Linux is open source and they didn’t develop the Microsoft. Hence, if they intend to add the Microsoft features, they must be need more budget to inject those things in the package (Linux Web Server).

I think I did explain this issue with the simplest word that it could be. Since I don’t want to bundle all issue in one article, I’ll separate it to be the smaller one. After this I’m going to cover on “the performance and the security between both of them” after this. Adios!!!


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