Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tips To Handle Your Web Hosting

For the last 2 weeks, I did face a big major trouble for my sites. I can't login to my admin's page. As a webmaster it must be a dead sign for me! I can't update all my sites!! The clients kept calling me. A big gulp for my throat. What should I do then? What happened to my web hosting? I do believe some of us did face such problems. Don't be panic...I'll share my tips to handle your web hosting. :)

First of all, make a copy of your database and the web site's file from your server. Test it in your local machine. If you can't view the admin page, that's mean, you have to use your back and simply upload the new files and the new database.

In my case, I did the steps that I mentioned above but the result made me shocked! Nothing wrong with the database and the files. So what should I do? Well, remove the domain name from the web hosting. For the domain name, clear up all the DNS number (web hosting number).

Just let it be around 2/3 days. Then, re do all the steps for propagating for the web hosting and the domain name. By these steps I did manage my web hosting problem and I hope this tips will give you some ideas on dealing with them. :)