Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Web Hosting ASP Server

ASP.NET 2.0 did develop the web applications much easier with such less code! ASP.NET is a set of technologies in the Microsoft .NET Framework for building Web applications and Web(XML). ASP.NET pages execute on the server side and generate markup such as HTML or XML that is sent to a browser. Besides, ASP.NET supports multiple .NET languages including built-in support for VB.NET, C#, and JScript.NET, since if we are working with ASP.NET we will choose which the language it is. Hence, the ASP web hosting that come with the 2.0 feature might be easier for the .net sites for all.

Some of the cheap and best asp net web hosting services are:

1. ASP.Net 2.0 hosting

2. ASP / ASP.Net 1.1 hosting

3. MS SQL Server support

4. Unlimited ODBC / DSN

5. Unlimited sub domains

6. Unlimited mail boxes

7. Flash MX, ado .net, xml, vb .net, c#

8. soap, wsdl, wap, wml, .net 2.0 hosting

So, those people who need the good web hosting ASP sever could consider on using the ASP.Net 2.0 hosting. The price is nice but the performance is still be at that good!