Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What is domain name?

“what is domain name”? “I think domain name is bundle in web hosting” Those were the question and the comment from my friends when somebody did ask them on a domain name. Some of them simply couldn't make any differentiate between domain name and “web hosting”. So let me give you some explanation on it and give some short and simple analogy.

Domain name is the name of our web site as an example we have yahoo web page, it's, so the domain name is

Another example we have hotmail web page, so the domain name is You still don’t get it? Let say, we go to Kentucky Fried Chicken website via Thus the domain name is's easy right to understand?? :) i'll come back with the other topic and review! adios!!!

My First Welcome

Hello to all, I’m the Lil’ Red Box. This is my first posting on this blog. Well, the main focus of this blog is I just want to write all about web hosting cuz I did face some hard experiences on understanding the web hosting when I was a junior programmer and junior webmaster.
It's really hard to understand some terms and how to deal with the package, database management and many more. Hence, I decided to up my new blog that just emphasize on one topic ----hosting. Well, I hope all of us could share the knowledge together and it will be benefited to all especially those newbie in web hosting. That's all for now and I'll come with the next post later.
-Lil' Red Box-