Monday, August 6, 2007

What Is Web Hosting?

“what is web hosting??Many of my friends said “umm..well web hosting is web hosting”!! What it's all about? and some of people just said "what the hell is that?" By these kind of questions I will give the definition with 2 terms : 1. with school books words 2.with some example to help u understand easier.

1. school books wording :
”Web hosting” is the space that you buy from the web hosting provider so you can publish/upload your website to that server for the whole world to see. That is web hosting in a nutshell.

You still don't get on what the web hosting is??? So let me give u some simple example on web hosting.

When you buy the school stuff e.g pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener n etc, u must have a pencil case to put all of them in one place together..... so, the same thing goes in this case

web hosting/web server = pencil case
websites or any files = the school stuff...

**web hosting is also called as web server. I think my explanation is clear enough for every body and I hope this posting will help lots of people out there. Cheers!!!