Monday, November 19, 2007

Server Side Included (SSI)

Hi guys, today I bring a new topic on web hosting. I dedicate this article to all of you especially those who are the money makers. What do I mean is the those who work out for some advertising sponsor like adsense. Thus, I do recommend you on using the Server Side Included, SSI to make the auto insertion code. But, there is an issue on that. In order to use the SSI feature your web hosting must support the SSI.

So, how to make sure on it? Well, you could ask the support team of the web hosting. Nowadays, almost the web hosting company do support the feature but, if they don't this is the right time to change them to be the better one. It must be hard for you to insert the adsense code for every single page in your websites. Just imagine if you do have 1000 pages are you willing to insert 1000 time? Are you willing to do so?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tutorial : Choose the right folder in your web hosting

Few friends of fine did ask me, I did login to my web hosting but what I saw in the server was few folders. "I am so confused. Where should I put my web sites or system?" Those are the common questions that been asked from the newbie. First of all, find the language of your web site. As an example php, perl or .Net. In this case I consider your web hosting could host all these languages.

For the most common, there are some folders in the web hosting : www, cgi and etc. Well, if you want to host your .net and php choose the www folder and if you want to host the perl files, choose the cgi folder. I hope this this short tutorial will help all of the newbies out there.

Free Web Hosting for Perl / CGI (CGI-BIN) Access

As I mentioned in some few postings, there are some pro and cons by using the free web hosting. But if you are in some critical part of trying to host your web sites before buying your very own web server, you could try these few numbers of free web hosting provider.

But, in this post, I just emphasized on Perl web hosting. Some of my friends did ask me on it. I don't know why they simply faced some trouble to find the Perl web hosting provider. So, I did some study and found some useful list on it. So, here are the listings :

This free web host provides you with 300 MB of disk space, 8 GB of data bandwidth, the ability to host up to 5 domains, 5 subdomains, FTP access, 1 POP3 email account with SMTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc.

This site provides you with 100 MB of data storage, 3 GB of data transfer, 3 POP3 email addresses, 3 email addresses, 1 MySQL database with 5 MB storage, CGI-BIN Perl, PHP, FrontPage extensions, web statistics, FTP access, etc. Note that you will not be able to send mail using your PHP or Perl scripts. Your files are limited to 500 KB in size.