Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Create email in your cpanel or HELM

Hi all, today I want to talk about creating the email from your web server. In this case, I'm assumed all of us have a domain name and a web hosting. Many of the users today prefer to have our very own email with our name. This is an example scott@scottish.com. So how we are going to do it? What is the constraint? Can i put any name for @xx.com? Can I add some other name from my domain name?

I think that's the questions for the newbies. But, don't worry...I will cover those issues based on my knowledge and my experiences.

In order for you to create those mails, you must be in your web server. Check out for the emails feature. You could create the mail accounts from the email feature page. Normally, a web hosting account will offer such unlimited email accounts.

Now we are talking for the name of @xxx.com..I think of all us have our own desire name on it. But, although the web hosting package will say "UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCOUNT". That doesn't mean you can create any name, @xxx.com for it. The name must be based on your domain name.. As an example you have a domain name of www.snacks.com so the email will be yourname@snacks.com.

You couldn't create any name unless you have other domain name that match to your wish. E.g you want yourname@mybox.com.au Therefore you have to own a domain of www.mybox.com.au. I think my explanation is pretty clear and if u have any questions you may ask me. :)

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