Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Domain names : How to choose?

In these days there are bundles of domain names that simply alive in the internet world. You can see various types of them. Some of them are very easy to be remembered and some of them are so hard! For the most easy like hotmail and yahoo, they must have the ten fold visitors. Why? Their domain names are so easy to spell and to remember.So make a good choice before you are making the domain registration!

Let me give you an example to make it more clear. I'm taking a simple example a company : dexterous technologies. They choose the dexteroustech.com. Wut a name! They tend to make the visitors in wrong spelling and it's hard to remember!

But, when we are talking on how easy the domain names to be remembered....don't make a nasty shot on choosing it. Since I'm telling you that the domain name must be easy, you just pick www.22.com for your jewelry web site. That's out of the mind and you will face a hard time with the searching engine (key word).

Let say you do have a company, a web site and wish to sell jewelries online. Your company is bestquality enterprise. So, instead of use the name bestquality.com,choose the www.best-jewelry.com. That's easy right? Your customer will remember you and in the same time your domain name will work well with the searching engines! So, do you get it? I think you are in the clear position about this issue and I hope it will help lot of people out there!

Free Web Server

There are tons of web hosting company claimed that they offer a free web server server service. The be fooled around by them. make a deep study on them. Check the features, the web space and the bandwidth. The most important part is to check whether they simply have the hidden cost or not. the hidden cost might be small or big. If the cost is small but the hosting features are nasty, that's pretty bad and for sure it's better for you to find the paying web hosting services.

The most horror part of all is when they actually hide the big cash hidden fees. It would be a horrible nightmare for you!

Since we call it as free web server, do the companies cover the 24/7 support for us? Check that!! If the technical service is bad your sites will be nothing and won't be alive!

As a conclusion, be careful on these free web server service. make a study on them! But not all free server companies give a bad service. Some of them do excellent! The most important part is you must make a deep study before choosing to use their services

website hosting without FTP

upload files without using FTP client
in uploading your files to web server you need a FTP client to do the job. Sometimes, we lost the FTP and feel that lazy to download the new one. Well, I have a solution for that!! :)

-U have yr own url :

so put ftp + url yr url in your browser :

this will require your username and password

you can see all the files in yr web server and if you want to upload your website just drag the files in the page.

**you can do anything on your files here, delete, copy and paste, drag files, create new

folders and etc

it's really easy right?? YOU DON'T HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANY FTP CLIENT'S SOFTWARE!!! cheers!!!

my comment:

although this is the most easy ever but u need a high speed internet for making the files transaction sweet and smooth as ever. But if u have the slow internet just forget it cuz u need 100 cups of coffee for waiting the processes get over.

Video Tutorials on Hosting A Site (website hosting)

For the first time, I thought I want to give the step by step tutorial but I think again, it's much better if I use the video tutorial. At least you don't have to read the whole post..but just stay at the page and watch how the hosting processes all the way. I hope you enjoy with this video :) cheers!

Actually I did add some videos by default by the widget but I'm afraid if they just do the random video. I did view in the youtube and this is one of the best video tutorial on it.


What is FTP

Well, for many newbies they will use to hear about FTP. But it's a bit confused when some people ask "what is FTP?" and "what's the purpose for?" So FTP is File Transfer Protocol for the definition. Besides, FTP is a software that webmaster use to do website hosting or we call as host a site to the server.

mm...some people did ask me "how the FTP do the website hosting?' "how FTP helps web master to do the hosting?" In this case I like to use an analogy to make a better understanding on it. In the previous postings I did say the web server is a pencil box or pencil case.

So, right now on we can imagine our websites are the pencil,pen, rubber or even the sharpener. If we have those things for sure we will put them in the pencil case right? "So how to put them in the pencil box?" "We use our hand right?"

So, the same thing goes here. The FTP help us to put our websites in the web server. :)

FTP usage

Hi all, in the previous postings I gave you tons of explanations and briefings on web hosting. So today I think it's better for me to be straight to the point on how to host a web hosting or website hosting. Let say u did buy the web server and the domain names, so the big next thing is to host your web to be published in the internet.

Without hosting it, it's zero and useless for buying the web hosting, buying the domain name and do the domain name registration.

So in order for you to put your web sites in the web server, you need the FTP to do the website hosting. I know there are bundles of FTP software out there. So for the newbie it must be hard to do selection. From my very own experiences, the best FTP software is FileZilla FTP. It's really easy to use and the transfer time is much faster than the others. I'll stop now for this issue and I'll come with "what is FTP?", "Tutorial on using FTP" and "website hosting without FTP"