Thursday, February 7, 2008

Free hosting web service

Hi all, for the previous article I did discuss on the free hosting web. In that article I did discuss a lot on the features, the reliable web, pro and cons. As I said, not all the free hosting web service is bad in their performance. Recently I found one of the best free hosting web and I think it’s nice if I share the info with all of you. Before that I should tell you this free service is for hosting PHP web and hosting mysql web.

Actually I was thinking to find the good free web hosting. So, many of us could get the benefit from the web hosting.Let us go straight to the point. The web hosting service is Awardspace. The url of the web is, and you could go to for signup to the free hosting web service. The specification of the services are 200MB Disk Space, 5GB Monthly Traffic, 2 Domains Hosting,5 Subdomains, Free DNS Server, PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN, 1 MySQL Database, FTP/FrontPage Access, 5 POP3/IMAP E-mails, Instant Account Setup, Web-based File Manager, Easy-to-use Control Panel, Reliable RAID Backups,GRID Hosting Platform, Super Fast Server, Reliable Data Center, 99.8% Uptime Guarantee, 24x7 Network Monitoring, Forum Support, No Banner Ads, and Fully Upgradeable.

The users feedback are the web hosting supports their PHP and MySql websites and the best part is there is no advertisement and banner at all. Besides, the cons are on the asian countries users. Since the web hosting (server) is in USA so the Asian users face the difficulties on downloading the site. There is one more con on it, since there is no such fee on the web hosting service thus; there are ton of other users that are using this service.

As a conclusion, you could use this free hosting web service as the first practical trainee on handling the PHP and Mysql websites, and I do have a devil idea on it. Why don’t you use the Awardspace web hosting for your clients (you are the webmaster) especially those clients who don’t want to pay that much on web hosting service. Just charge them for $100 per year for that free hosting web. He he he.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Collocation's benefits

Hi all, today I'll bring the new topic of the web hosting world. From the last article I did write a lot on the basic thing about web hosting. Thus, I 'll bring the new topic on the colocation. I'll bring this issue on the colocation web hosting step by step.

What is colocation?

The colocation gives all the features of dedicated hosting and in the same time gives you features than you could ever think. The colocation solutions puts the owner of the web server in your hands, giving complete freedom to you.

Difference between Colocation and Dedicated Server

if you are using the dedicated server, that's mean the first owner will be the main owner of the server. In the other word, the web hosting company own the dedicated server. You are as a client to them. Hence, the colocation means you own the web server.

Host Savings

If you want to start all over in the web hosting business from scratch, I do believe that some amount of money to fulfill your server demand. Since you are using the colocation, the web hosting company who offers the colocation did everything for you. Thus, you could use the capital to focus on the other business that you are doing.


It's one of the crucial part of choosing any kind of web server in this world. But you don't have to worry on the safety of the data because most data centers provide you with collocated server confidence and the critical information contained on the server is safe. Data centers should be monitored 24-7. Hence, your systems should be safe enough in a state-of-the-art data center.


One thing that you must understand on colocation. When you are using colocation that's mean there is no sharing of bandwidth, RAM, or any other hardware allowing your server to run at its highest capacity. Some colocation companies offer redundant Internet connections and extremely high bandwidth provisions ensure that your information is readily accessible for your use or your customers use on demand. Because of high bandwidth provisions the response speed of your collocated server will be at a level higher than that of your customers ensuring a quick response. Thus, you don't have to be worried on the capacity since it serves the best.


If you wish to run the web hosting company, the thing that run in your mind is about the technical part of the wen hosting data center, you need to pay the staff and for sure you need a bunch of knowledge on the web hosting.With your server collocated, a physical business can be done in that smoothly.

Increased Flexibility

Colocation offers you the flexibility to upgrade and grow your technology requirements as your business grows without having to make additional capital investments. As you budget for changes, they can happen.

Well, I do hope my new article will help a lot many people out there. Actually, i was running out of idea on writing the basic thing on web hosting. Thus, any readers that simply in doubt on the web hosting issue could ask me in the comment box and I'll give my best shot to give the briefing.