Tuesday, September 11, 2007

FTP usage

Hi all, in the previous postings I gave you tons of explanations and briefings on web hosting. So today I think it's better for me to be straight to the point on how to host a web hosting or website hosting. Let say u did buy the web server and the domain names, so the big next thing is to host your web to be published in the internet.

Without hosting it, it's zero and useless for buying the web hosting, buying the domain name and do the domain name registration.

So in order for you to put your web sites in the web server, you need the FTP to do the website hosting. I know there are bundles of FTP software out there. So for the newbie it must be hard to do selection. From my very own experiences, the best FTP software is FileZilla FTP. It's really easy to use and the transfer time is much faster than the others. I'll stop now for this issue and I'll come with "what is FTP?", "Tutorial on using FTP" and "website hosting without FTP"

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