Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Free Web Server

There are tons of web hosting company claimed that they offer a free web server server service. The be fooled around by them. make a deep study on them. Check the features, the web space and the bandwidth. The most important part is to check whether they simply have the hidden cost or not. the hidden cost might be small or big. If the cost is small but the hosting features are nasty, that's pretty bad and for sure it's better for you to find the paying web hosting services.

The most horror part of all is when they actually hide the big cash hidden fees. It would be a horrible nightmare for you!

Since we call it as free web server, do the companies cover the 24/7 support for us? Check that!! If the technical service is bad your sites will be nothing and won't be alive!

As a conclusion, be careful on these free web server service. make a study on them! But not all free server companies give a bad service. Some of them do excellent! The most important part is you must make a deep study before choosing to use their services

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