Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Criteria on Buying the Web Hosting

well, when we are buying a new web hosting seems to be we are buying a new car for us. Since we want the best hosting service for us so there are some criteria that need to be considered at. for the first of all, list down your very own requirement. Do you need to host many websites in one server? (we call it as add on domain. I did explain in the previous posting!) What is the technology that you want to use at? ASP?, .Net? PHP? or coldfusion?

So check out the web hosting package. Are they covered your requirements? The second part : make a study on the web space and the bandwith. You must make sure how big your files are. Just like a simple example : The total of your files are 5G but the hosting plan just provides 3G for the web space. So you can't make it!

Check the bandwith : if you do have many websites in one sharing web hosting, make sure the bandwith is big enough. If you do have the small one, I suggest you to find the bigger one. It's very important if you do have the tons gold mine traffic or you do target on the large sum of new visitors to your sites.

Thirdly : Check the additional features that they have. It's like unlimited email account, site management features (i.e hotlink protection and IP deny manager), and pre installed scripts.

Fourthly : check their profile on how good they are in the hosting services area. It's very important to know their past background with their customers.Are they too slow on overcome the customers problem? Are they capable enough?

Fifthly : Make many comparison for the web hosting plan with many web hosting company. make sure your money is worth enough for your web hosting service.Well, be a smart user ! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Is Add on Domain?

Hi all, today I come back with the add on domain issue. many of the newbie did ask me about "am i must buy the new web server every time i want to host a new web?" and some of them said "is it possible for us to share it with many domains?"

well, well, the precise answer is you can add many domains in one server. For your info, this process we call as add on domain. I think right now on u r clear enough with this.

But, before that u mustn't cheer up in joy cuz u have to check out your server package. Do yr package cover the add on feature? How many numbers of the domain that could be covered?

So, if your package don't have the feature that's mean u can't any of them. If yr feature just cover 5 domains for maximum that's mean u can't more than 5 sites in once.

So, i think u r pretty clear with this thing right?? i'll come back with the other issue later. adios!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Can I used Linux web hosting in windows OS?

Well, we used to hear about windows and linux web hosting. Some friends of mine did ask me what's the differences between of them. Some of them said "since my machine works in windows so I should buy windows web server." Some of them said " I don't want Linux web server cuz it's fussy and i'm using windows OS"

mmm...that's absolutely wrong!!! the precise answer is you can use your linux web hosting in any OS that you use for your machine. It's okay if you use windows XP and operate your Cpanel there. Nothing wrong with it! It won't slow down your work, making some functions couldn't work properly and many other thing that across in your mind by using linux server in your windows machine.!!! No, nada!! It just goes smooth and sweet as well!! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What is domain name?

“what is domain name”? “I think domain name is bundle in web hosting” Those were the question and the comment from my friends when somebody did ask them on a domain name. Some of them simply couldn't make any differentiate between domain name and “web hosting”. So let me give you some explanation on it and give some short and simple analogy.

Domain name is the name of our web site as an example we have yahoo web page, it's
www.yahoo.com, so the domain name is yahoo.com

Another example we have hotmail web page, so the domain name is hotmail.com. You still don’t get it? Let say, we go to Kentucky Fried Chicken website via www.kfc.com. Thus the domain name is kfc.com

mmm..it's easy right to understand?? :) i'll come back with the other topic and review! adios!!!

My First Welcome

Hello to all, I’m the Lil’ Red Box. This is my first posting on this blog. Well, the main focus of this blog is I just want to write all about web hosting cuz I did face some hard experiences on understanding the web hosting when I was a junior programmer and junior webmaster.
It's really hard to understand some terms and how to deal with the package, database management and many more. Hence, I decided to up my new blog that just emphasize on one topic ----hosting. Well, I hope all of us could share the knowledge together and it will be benefited to all especially those newbie in web hosting. That's all for now and I'll come with the next post later.
-Lil' Red Box-

Monday, August 6, 2007

What Is Web Hosting?

“what is web hosting??Many of my friends said “umm..well web hosting is web hosting”!! What it's all about? and some of people just said "what the hell is that?" By these kind of questions I will give the definition with 2 terms : 1. with school books words 2.with some example to help u understand easier.

1. school books wording :
”Web hosting” is the space that you buy from the web hosting provider so you can publish/upload your website to that server for the whole world to see. That is web hosting in a nutshell.

You still don't get on what the web hosting is??? So let me give u some simple example on web hosting.

When you buy the school stuff e.g pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener n etc, u must have a pencil case to put all of them in one place together..... so, the same thing goes in this case

web hosting/web server = pencil case
websites or any files = the school stuff...

**web hosting is also called as web server. I think my explanation is clear enough for every body and I hope this posting will help lots of people out there. Cheers!!!