Tuesday, September 11, 2007

website hosting without FTP

upload files without using FTP client
in uploading your files to web server you need a FTP client to do the job. Sometimes, we lost the FTP and feel that lazy to download the new one. Well, I have a solution for that!! :)

-U have yr own url :

so put ftp + url yr url in your browser :

this will require your username and password

you can see all the files in yr web server and if you want to upload your website just drag the files in the page.

**you can do anything on your files here, delete, copy and paste, drag files, create new

folders and etc

it's really easy right?? YOU DON'T HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANY FTP CLIENT'S SOFTWARE!!! cheers!!!

my comment:

although this is the most easy ever but u need a high speed internet for making the files transaction sweet and smooth as ever. But if u have the slow internet just forget it cuz u need 100 cups of coffee for waiting the processes get over.

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