Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What is FTP

Well, for many newbies they will use to hear about FTP. But it's a bit confused when some people ask "what is FTP?" and "what's the purpose for?" So FTP is File Transfer Protocol for the definition. Besides, FTP is a software that webmaster use to do website hosting or we call as host a site to the server.

mm...some people did ask me "how the FTP do the website hosting?' "how FTP helps web master to do the hosting?" In this case I like to use an analogy to make a better understanding on it. In the previous postings I did say the web server is a pencil box or pencil case.

So, right now on we can imagine our websites are the pencil,pen, rubber or even the sharpener. If we have those things for sure we will put them in the pencil case right? "So how to put them in the pencil box?" "We use our hand right?"

So, the same thing goes here. The FTP help us to put our websites in the web server. :)

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