Monday, December 10, 2007

Tutorial Part 1 : What should you when you change the web host?

mmm…for these few days, I’ve been thinking hardly on the topic or the web hosting tutorial that should I bring into this web hosting blog. After thinking in some while and being in some forum, reviewing their problems suddenly I got an idea. Thus, I’m going to come out with tutorial on the few actions that we should take if we are changing the new web hosting account. Remember, in this article I don’t mean we are changing our web site’s domain name. We only move to the new web hosting. It’s like we are moving to the new house. (I did explain on this in the last article)

  1. Copy all the files to your machine

Since you are moving the sites to the new web host, so the very first thing that you should do is copy all the files from the web hosting. What I mean is if you do have the web site or a system, copy all of them from the server. You could do that by using any FTP software. If you are kind of me (I save those files in my local machine all the time) so you could skip this stage.

2. Copy your database

This is one of the most crucial parts. You really need to copy the database in order to make sure when you are launching the web site in the new web hosting there are no such most update listing, info or the new members of the site been dropped since there is no such backup for the database.

Some of my friends ask me on how to copy the database from the server. They told me they hate to build up the database again. LOL!! It’s easy, if you are using the mySql just go to the list of the databse in your web server and choose which one of them. Then, you just dump the mySQL and save it as .txt. The size is extremely light but yet it’s really powerful though.

Since there are 5 steps to be included in the tutorial so I make a decision to split up the tutorial to be in part1 and part2. Hope you guys enjoy this article and may it could help you in your web hosting management. Have a nice day!!

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