Thursday, December 6, 2007

What is The Meaning by Changing Your Web Hosting

Some of us might be in the first time of changing the new web hosting. We may change the web hosting plan or even change it to new web hosting provider. When We talk about changing the web hosting that's mean we are changing the web server only. Some of us may think "when we are changing the web hosting that's mean we are changing the url (http:// too".

That's not true. Some of my friends simply confuse by this issue too. So, I wish to make the simplest example in order to make all of us understand clearly on changing the web hosting matter. As an example we live in the house with our friends : ellen, sally and sarah. Due to some reasons all of us are moving to the new house.

So, what could we figure it out is, the house is the web hosting. Thus, the new house is the new web hosting. The domain names are me, myself, ellen,sally and sarah. In this matter, all of us being together move in the new house. We are not changing our name, right?? Ha ha ha ha...that's the best example that I could think for the matter.

I hope this article do help a lot of people that wonder on what is all about on changing the web server. I'll come tomorrow with tips on changing the web server. Adios!!


managed hosting said...

but be sure first that you have decided with finality on changing it because it might complicate things if you plan to go back again.. not to mention the hassle..

Anonymous said...

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