Monday, December 10, 2007

Part 2 : What should you when you change the web host?

This is the part 2 of the web hosting tutorial. I hope you guys out there enjoy the tutorial!

3. Update your DNS of the domain name

I do consider that you’ve been doing those 2 steps above. Hence, this is the time on working in the technical things. Since you are using the new web hosting so, you need to know on what is the DNS of the new web hosting. Copy the DNS number.

Login to your domain name account. Go to ‘manage your DNS’ part. Paste the new web DNS number in that section. Choose to save and you have to wait for some couple of hours before the DNS propagates (depend on the web hosting provider, some of them take 2 days long.

4. Add your domain name to the new web hosting.

Login to your helm or cpanel account. Choose on add on domain. If your DNS did propagates well, there is no problem in adding the domain name in the account. But, if it doesn’t an error message will be appeared on telling the DNS number is not match. That’s mean; you need to wait some other couple of hours.

5. Upload the files

If every thing is completely perfect, you could start to host your files to your new web hosting. Again, use the FTP software to make the uploading files. After you do this step, upload the database that you had save from the old server. Just use your .txt database file and it’s done!

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