Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Is Add on Domain?

Hi all, today I come back with the add on domain issue. many of the newbie did ask me about "am i must buy the new web server every time i want to host a new web?" and some of them said "is it possible for us to share it with many domains?"

well, well, the precise answer is you can add many domains in one server. For your info, this process we call as add on domain. I think right now on u r clear enough with this.

But, before that u mustn't cheer up in joy cuz u have to check out your server package. Do yr package cover the add on feature? How many numbers of the domain that could be covered?

So, if your package don't have the feature that's mean u can't any of them. If yr feature just cover 5 domains for maximum that's mean u can't more than 5 sites in once.

So, i think u r pretty clear with this thing right?? i'll come back with the other issue later. adios!!


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Lil' Red Box said...

thanx funiatra for the comment. i did view yr blog n i found it was so good!! keep up the gud job!!

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