Monday, September 24, 2007

Web Hosting : lookup

Hi all, for this posting I want explain a bit on I believe many of us did hear about Sometimes they call it as look up. mm...wut the look up then? Wut's the purpose for? As we know there tons of web hosting in this whole wide world. But do we know who the owners are for some web hosting that we are looking for?

Sometimes it's really important for us to view the information for the owner of the web hosting. As an example a company claims that they are the USA web hosting company and do the business online for whole 16 years. So as smart user we can could check who they are by the

By using the, we could know very well about the domain name registration, IP adress, the country where they register the domain, NIC handles and many more. So if they claim they are from USA but in the we could see the IP is from it's absolutely a big liar git!

this is an example of Go to You just fill any url that u wish to check out. Press the button and the information will lay down to you.

As a conclusion, the function is very helpful for all of us on order to avoid such scam around. I hope this posting will help you guys a lot!


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