Monday, October 1, 2007

Web hosting storage : How Fast Your Site Is

When choosing the web hosting package, it's not all about the features themselves. But one of the factor is your web hosting storage. Why? Let say you want to fill one account with many web sites and domain names. The total of your server disk storage is 1G. But the total of your web sites size is 995Mb. So there is only 5MB left in your web hosting storage.

This kind of situation may effect on the capability on loading the pages. Besides, the are two other ways to increase the loading rate of your page. 1. Your bandwidth server 2. Learn how to ping them!

I give you a real simple example. Sometimes when we type, it loads rapidly but sometimes when we type it loads for ages. For the users yahoo website is the best because yahoo could load very fastly. That's mean they don't waste their time for waiting the site load in perfect. If your web will load for ages there is a probability many users of web will run away.So How fast your site is.

Needless to say, speed is one the factors web users take into consideration when visiting a website. If they notice that a website's response is slow, they already deem the site to be unreliable and unworthy of their trust.

But, please don't let this happen to your website. Make sure that it has the ability to respond to users' requests very quickly because speed is now the measure of a website's success. So, how do you know if your website is fast enough to pass the standards of today's Internet speed demons?


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